Positively Midlife Podcast

Ep 27. The Friendship Episode

November 19, 2022 Ellen and Tish Season 1 Episode 27
Positively Midlife Podcast
Ep 27. The Friendship Episode
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Show Notes

Tish and Ellen dive into midlife friendships on this week's episode.  Friendships are so important at every stage of life.   And for midlife women, friendship can boost health, mood, and well-being, and they provide honesty and feedback.  And female friendship can even extend your longevity!  Research shows for midlife women they can be as significant or more significant than family. 

Some of the topics  Tish and Ellen cover this week: Is midlife can be the time to double down on friendships?   Why are old friendships important?  Why making new friends in midlife pays big rewards.  How do you make sure you have the kind of friends you need in midlife?  And Ellen and Tish share a few ideas on how to keep friendships alive!

Things we talk about in this episode:  Lean on Me by Club Nouveau, Lean on Me by Mike Withers, Brene Brown, dry brushing, Mexican train dominos.

This week's obsessions:
Tish: Zen Me Dry Brush for your Face
Ellen: Ellen's ciabatta stuffing, it's not just for Thanksgiving! 

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